No Coaching Clients

I appreciate your feedback on my models. I have two T-lines in UM1 b/c they both produce the same feeling and I think both of them.

C – No coaching clients scheduled on calendar
T – It takes a lot of effort to get just one client
T – I have to go through this big long process to get just one client
F – Aggravated
A – Keep following up with the same prospects with neediness. R/o to the people with low disengaged and forceful energy. Ruminate on how long I think it’s taking. Spin in desperation. Compare my biz and life to Ariel and others. I stop consistently adding value via content and following a set follow up schedule. I disconnect from Future V. Worry if I’m doing something wrong. Convince myself I’m doing something wrong.
R – I prolong the effort and process to get one client.

C – No coaching clients scheduled on calendar
T – It’s so hard for me to have clients.
F – Self-pity
A – Sulk. Watch lots of TV. Ruminate on my misfortune. Question if I should even be doing this coaching thing or be in business for myself. Take long pauses with outreach efforts, like stop working Bark after a round or two of calls that don’t even lead to exploratory sessions. Come up with reasons why I think it’s so hard for me to have clients. Regard this T-line as if it were a fact. Switch prospecting efforts every couple of months.
R – I create the experience of it being so hard to have clients.

C – No coaching clients scheduled on calendar
A – Add value on social via a post or article every 1-2 weeks. Keep up with my connection calls. Follow follow-up schedule value adds. Post regularly on blog. Do biweekly to monthly CRM email value adds. Keep getting coached. Submit Ask A Coach more frequently on weeks can’t do a live coaching call. Find interesting and cool ways to make all kinds of offers, asking Would you like to____?
R – I show up consistently to my business. I drastically improve the odds of creating new clients.