No Consults

I am an anti-diet coach. Over the last 2 years I have been a divorce coach, then self love and body acceptance, then self love and body confidence, then an emotional eating coach, and now have settled on being an anti-diet coach. Throughout all of these niches, I’ve never gotten much positive feedback. Since becoming an emotional eating coach and then anti-diet, I have gotten so much positive feedback. I have other LCS coaches message me and tell me they see me showing up and doing good work and to keep going. I have Facebook friends messaging me telling me how much my content helps. I hear great things about my podcast. I have co-workers who have also told me the things I post help. Despite this, I have only had 1 consult in the past year. It’s getting to the point where I get so angry anytime someone tells me I’m doing a good job because I think of them as just another person giving me compliments who isn’t hiring me. I don’t want to give up but my bank account has never been as low as it is now. I thought coaching would help but instead my coaching journey has only cost me money. I feel like I’m close since I get so many compliments, but I’m so angry because it still feels so far away since no one is even scheduling consults.