There is no spotlight in the cave

Since September of 2017
I’ve lost 40 lbs
I have an LLC
I’ve done the 14 business steps (url, photos, etc)
And the Married To Doctors Podcast is being submitted to platforms starting tomorrow!
I am stoked with the interest I’ve had. I thought I’d have to tell my stories into the mic, nope! Amazing interviews with Dr. spouses and experts.
For 2018 I’ve been back and forth on subscribers/money money/subscribers
I’ve decided both! I want to get 10K downloads an episode by next December and somehow monetize the show.
Releasing the first episodes has me worked up. LOTS of scared feelings. It’s a tough crowd and not everyone will like my style or voice or even message. Yikes! I tear up thinking of hitting the “submit” button on iTunes. I know my idea is good but man! I’m also a people pleaser and am worried about the spotlight.
There are no spotlights in the cave.

What’s a good podcast episode or two I can listen to as I deal with this new anxiety/ shaking in my boots ?