Non Profit idea

Hi Brooke

This is my current impossible goal

I am considering starting a non profit in a city I am planning on moving to
The city has a very large number of kids in poverty and one of the poorest education system in the country
It also has one of the highest rates of teen homelessness
A large number of the parents do not speak English

My current thinking is to become a certified CTFAR-er and Mindfulness Teacher and Hypnosis Practitioner, and to partner with schools, fitness centers, yoga centers, counselors, English and homework tutors, STEM programs and therapists and other non-profits to create after school programs that support the kids

One of my natural strengths is that I tend to create “programs” for myself, connecting a number of activities together each which strengthen the other, and to help myself stay on course with the programs until I outgrow them and move on to other ones-
Maybe that would make sense for others-

and to bring in volunteers to partner with the kids and to make sure the various activities are supporting them

Not having done this before, I may be totally hallucinating
I also suppose their are liability issues to be aware of

what are your thoughts

btw next time I visit this city I can make a few appts with some philanthropic organizations- there are orgs. that serve other non-profits and mentors that can advise me