No’s because of price

Hi coaches,
I have been doing the double your business in 3 months and am feeling a little confused. Throughout this whole thing, I have been pretty excited about the no’s. But I’m just feeling a little stuck.
I started the program and got 5 people on a sales call with me. ALL of them were SUPER excited and wanted to sign up! UNTIL I mentioned my price. My current price is $400 for one on one coaching for the month, for a 3 month commitment. They all tell me that they have to think about it, because the price is out of their budget. I stop them there and ask what else, and often they say “I’m literally a student so not sure if I can afford.” Eventually they get back to me, and say that they would love to join, but just can’t afford it now.

I’ve started noticing a new thought start to appear “Will anyone ever be able to afford me? My price is pretty low in my eyes, especially for the value I give.” I’m just not seeing how to refine my offer and learn from these no’s. I really feel like we SMASH the sales calls, and that they are so excited to join and can’t wait to get onboard until they hear pricing. I have even asked them and a few have said “If there was a way for me to pay you I really would, I want to be a part of your program so bad but I just can’t afford it”.

Please help coach me on this.