Not being number 1

Hello and thank you for your help!
My question concerns my work.
Iā€™m working on strategy in an advertising company.
Last month, one of my colleagues got the job I was dreaming of (a promotion to a higher position, with responsibilities I have been dreaming of and aiming for for a long time). He is very good at his job, no question, I don’t consider him unworthy of the position. We have been “competitors” and the two “favorites” of the bosses for a long time. He won, I “lost” ā€“ even though I am still the “2nd favorite”. (when I say that, this is not about a status, but meaning we get to work on the best projects and work with the boss on very interesting things).
I realize that even though I love my job, I still love to do it, and I am aware and happy to remain in the top group and one of the best in the company, I feel very bad about not being number 1, not being the chosen one, not being chosen as the best. I am discovering this in my personality as I realize that it has always been there (and probably my close ones have seen it long before me šŸ™‚ ). I’m not proud of it, but I know that judging myself will not improve anything (6 months of Scholars, notions are starting to sink in!).

My question is: how can I overcome this feeling of failure and loss, this thought that if I am not Number 1, I am nothing…?
How can I accept to be a second choice?
It’s crazy, I feel like I’m being singled out, laughed at, made fun of, because I suck, because I wasn’t chosen, because Iā€™m not good at what I do (in my head, of iā€™m not the best, I suck ā€“ period), and so on. It’s ridiculous. And obviously, it doesn’t help me work better at all… so I prove my point, as always with models! šŸ™‚

Can you help me get over this ball of feelings?
Thank you so much!