Not believing in my clients

I recently became aware that my brain has a sneaky way of hiding the fact that I don’t believe in my clients. I noticed when I write an Instagram post my mind offers they are not going to understand me, it won’t resonate with them, my words are too high level for them. I asked myself why won’t they understand me and I got they are dumb and don’t understand spiritual things and I am smart and understand them. I have lots of judgment against my clients because I am using them to cover my fears that I don’t know what I am doing.

My model looks like:

C: Instagram post

T: They don’t get it

F: Self-righteous

A: doubt myself by saying I can’t connect with them, judge them by thinking they don’t understand spiritual concepts. In my mind I try to find ways to write better posts instead of facing the fact I lack belief in my clients, I don’t connect with my audience; I’m not in service energy.

R: I don’t get it

I also feel shame because I judge myself for thinking they are dumb.

How can move through this and start believing in my clients. This lack of belief is creating zero clients for me.