Not buffering with Facebook while maintaining a Facebook group

I’ve started a Facebook group to help promote my business within my existing network. I plan to livestream once a week and add content daily. The problem I’m having is opening up Facebook and instead of going directly to the group, I’m glancing at the feed and falling into a scroll hole and forgetting what I went for, then beating myself up, having a lot of anxiety and then finally getting to the group 30 minutes later when I only planned on going in for 5-15 minutes and done. I’m not sure the thoughts behind it, only that I log on and feel the anxiety creep in, and then it’s like I have amnesia in Walmart and can’t remember why I’m there, just that everything is blue and white and tacky and I need to look at everything and engage with it, even if I don’t want it. It’s becoming a time suck. 🙁 What can I do to stop?