Not changing the R line (2019 Impossible Goal)

Hi Friend(s)!

I decided to generate $150k in my business as both a Certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher and Life Coach as my 2019 impossible goal.

I did some math and am watching my brain choose to think that maybe I should just go for “what’s realistic.”

I will bring this back to a workout because LIFE IS ONE BIG WORKOUT!

I equate this goal to doing a 185 lbs squat clean versus 195 lbs. I consistently hit the 185 lbs (whereas at one point that was not at all where I started, but the 195lbs I can clean it, but struggle to stand up with it. I am not going to quit working at getting that weight just like I won’t with the income goal. I love challenging myself to put on more weight – the kind that gives me butterflies. That’s why I picked $150k versus $100k. because it was bigger to me. I also want the extra $25k to invest in further training with the Life Coach School.

I’m at a decision point with my thoughts on my goals.

First, math: in order for me to hit $150k I would need roughly $20k per month for the next 6 months.

In order for me to hit $100k I would need roughly $12k per month for the next 6 months.

Then my brain says, why don’t you go for $125k instead? Kind of like hitting 190 lbs versus 195.

Then my brain says why are you jumping back and changing your mind about the result when this is exactly why you are going for this number in the first place.

I want to feel super proud and I already do given the Q1 was $9,409.76 and Q2 was $22,610.81 (I wanted $25k then I thought how about $30k?) I missed it by $7,389.19

Part of me says why don’t you KEEP the $150k and continue to charge more for my mindfulness training clients, continue to make TONS of offers and hustle as I have been doing VERSUS changing my goal.

I think I’m afraid to feel disappointed if I don’t get it, but then again, I know how to feel that and it would be MORE disappointing to me if I kept myself small. I am the same person with 11 seconds left in a competition went for a higher heavier weight. I missed the jerk, but I was proud to be that person who decided to GO FOR IT.

I think that the first six figures is the hardest and I can handle hard. Not only can I handle it, I practice it both in business and in my workouts!

Would you recommend just continuing to practice these thoughts versus “being realistic.”

It helped me to type this out and I appreciate your support.

I know that I can think whatever I want to think 😉

Much love and heavy weights!