Not confident in price point

I had a private coaching session and they made it clear to me that i could make 100K by the end of the year by charging $2,500 per client per 3 month package. That would be 40 clients in total to reach this goal. I am offering a solution to a huge problem.

When I say this price out loud here is what happens:

T: Who are you to charge that price?
T: What makes you qualified to charge that price?
T: No one will buy at that price?
T: You are crazy to think that anyone will buy from you at those prices..

F: Fear
F: Doubt
F: Anxiety

A: I do not offer my coaching and it’s price confidently and either lower the price or negotiate with my client and then undersell myself.

R: I don’t sell coaching at this price.

The question is, how can I say this to my clients? How can I get past the fear or doubt?