Not Doing What I Know I Should to Make My Business a Success

I am avoiding doing all the things that a successful business needs to do:

– Sending emails (so much energy and little to no sales so I have lost my interest)
– Creating a lead magnet ( people sign up for my newsletter on my site or through Instagram already)
– Creating a working funnel for the products I do have (ie. follow-up sequence)
– Creating videos for the products on my site that might improve conversions
– Doing Social Media and putting myself out there for the “know, like, trust” factor
– Finishing up my flagship product to get ready to launch it

I know what needs to be done and yet it just seems like so much “work” – to some degree I think it will be wasted energy so I am procrastinating.

I also think that until I have my new flagship product ready to go I don’t want to fully go out into the world, I’m just being busy and wasting time.

I think this all stems from trying and failing in the past and even though I understand that failing is ok and just getting me closer to success I don’t know how much more failing I can handle. I know I still have work to do on what failing means.

I think this stems from staying in my comfort zone too long. I LOVE learning about it all but putting in the work is different.

I am thinking that maybe I should just stop thinking about it all and do it. Stop the drama and creating stories, and take action from a place that excites me. After all, this is about serving and helping others, getting out of my way, and allowing myself to enjoy the “work.”

As I write this, I see that how I think about “work” may be the answer. The word “work” is so heavy to me and something I don’t want to do. Perhaps I need to change it from work to another Model where it’s being of service which feels right and makes me want to take action.

I may have just answered my own question, but I would still love your take on it. Thanks!