Not feeling confident

Hi there. So I recently set a really big goal to sell 400 courses in my course launch in 1 week. I have been working so hard to believe that if I stay truly aligned, I will be able to do this. However, last year I launched a guide and it didn’t do as well as I had hoped. I only sold around 120 of them, and this was over an extended period (4+ months).

I also know that this was my first-ever launch and I didn’t put much into my launch strategy. I did a couple of emails and stories and one IG post. In the first week, I sold around 30 and felt like a total failure! I also have to say that this launch was a low ticket offer sale ($40).

With this course launch it’s a higher ticket offer sale (I’m aiming to sell my course between $200-$300). I’m worried because I do my thought work in the morning and get super amped that I will sell 400 courses. But then this terrible feeling of fear/anxiety kicks in and reminds me of the last launch and how only 10 people bought on the first day. I know this launch is different because I have a proper strategy in place (I invested over $6000 to get proper launch guidance from professionals), but this gives me more fear!

The last time I could blame my lack of success on not having a proper strategy, but now I’m feeling terrified what if I still don’t make that goal despite my new efforts! I used up all my savings on this and I keep going back to the whole I have never sold that many how is it possible that it happens this time.

Please could you help coach me on this!