Not knowing how to sell my membership.

I have a successful tutoring business and have enough clients who want to work with me one on one. Most of my leads come from happy clients and YouTube followers who come to my website. I tutor SAT prep.

I wanted to scale my business with a membership. I launched it a month ago with just one paying member. I also expanded access to the membership to all of my exiting one-on-one clients. I upload to the membership content daily and really do my best to overdeliver.

To get clients in the membership I began making offers. I direct message students that follow me on Instagram, I announced membership on the YouTube channel, but I hear crickets. They act like I didn’t just say “you should join the membership.”

Students love the content. In fact, I get many comments and likes on my videos but nobody is asking questions about enrolling in the membership. It’s like they muted the video when I was talking about my offer. I think I am doing a good job describing the benefits of working with me directly through the membership. I think the price is fair for the value that I provide. Should I be making more offers? Is the sales cycle different for selling a membership?

My question: I feel very uncomfortable asking students that I made offers to, why they didn’t buy. They are teenage kids. I don’t know their situation and barging in with “why didn’t you buy” feels intrusive. I also think they will not be honest and just say, I don’ have any money. Please help;)