Not making the amount of money I want to in my business

I’ve been a scholar for 2.5 years, and one of the reasons I started was to take the money course. I’ve been a small business owner for 10 years and can’t seem to get past the $30k/year income. I keep asking myself, if I really believed my thoughts create my results, what do I need to be thinking in order to make $10K/mo. consistently?
I have been trying on the thought ‘clients are coming’ ‘clients are here’ ‘I’ve created $100K in value’ and lately, ‘I’m ready to receive.’ But I’ve only made $3K this entire quarter!
I hired a business coach 1 year ago and had my first $10k month in June 2020. I just can’t seem to get back to that, much less consistently.

C – $30K by 3/31/21
T – Clients are coming
F – Curious
A – Post in groups, post on Instagram, hold masterclasses
R – $3K

I’m feeling defeated because my result line is so low. I’m not sure what more I should be doing or if I should just quit all of this.
Thank you!