Not motivated by service

I have taken several marketing courses and find that a question asked frequently is around service, who do you want to serve, help, etc. I’ve heard people ask, “are you willing to be uncomfortable if it means helping someone?” I’ve also heard people say it’s a “moral obligation” to help someone with your business.

I find myself coming up blank in these scenarios and thinking, “not really, whoever wants to pay me, don’t really care.” I do care in some instances, and like to donate to charities that mean something to me, but when it comes to business I’m really just motivated by money. I’m not terribly invested in helping my clients, though I’m not opposed to it and have had people say I seem really caring and loving in sessions which seems strange because I’m pretty much doing it for the cash and for what that gets me. I got into coaching because I thought it would be fun, not really because I wanted to “serve” or help in particular. I think I want to specialize in dating coaching because I like hearing dating stories, not because I have a compelling compassionate why. Am I in the wrong business? Am I missing something? I don’t think I’m a total sociopath, I do like taking care of my kids and donating to causes I care about. I’m just not motivated or passionate about “serving” in the online space.