Not paying myself

I have a Coaching business and a job that provides for my family. I have not used any of the coaching dollars to pay myself, I am at $600K in 12 months.

I am currently scaling my Coaching business, learning and evaluating my marketing strategies. I am using the earnings toward marketing and letting the bank account just build up.

My community relies on my day job and this job provides adequately for my family.

My thoughts about my Coaching business dollars are:
It’s there when I need it.
I’m saving for our future.
It’s fun to see it grow.

But on the flip side I have scarcity thinking:
If I withdraw an income it will disappear on meaningless “stuff”
Withdrawn money becomes ours and then it just gets spent
It’s my responsibility to save for our future

I can let money just sit in a bank account forever. Just letting it be there and enjoying the number. I enjoy spending, but only when I know that it’s from a place of plenty and not impacting our financial security.

I suspect this is why I leave the money in my Coaching business. I am the only one who can access it and it makes me feel “safe” financially.

Thank you 😊