Not Promoting my Business because I feel Embarrassed by It

Hi coach team,

I have a web design business which I had not been taking care of for some time. I am now looking to grow it and take on more clients, but I feel embarrassed and ashamed by how it’s presented, so I don’t want to promote it. I had a comment that the name of the business sounds like something I came up with when I was a kid. I do not feel proud of the name or website. I’m letting my thoughts here hold me back from moving to my goals! Here’s the model I have on this:

C: Think about my website
T: It’s hurting my business
F: Embarrassed
A: Not promote my business. Not talk about my business. Work on other projects. Ask people for advice. Sign up to training and coaching programs for emotional and decision-making skills.
R: I don’t give my business marketing the attention it needs to be a valuable asset

The thing is, do I need to re-build my website, or do I need to change my thinking about it and just start promoting? I don’t want to be “wasting time” by investing time and money into my website when I could be getting closer to the results I want (my revenue goal) by having conversations with people and putting offers out there. I think that a well-presented website will really help with my offers, but I could see it becoming a place where I spend a lot of time and money before getting results. I don’t want it to be a way I’m procrastinating – I’d love to get you insights on how I’m thinking here and where I can go from here.

Thank you.