Not renewing contract vs. firing contractor

I brought a contractor on for four months with the understanding that we would discuss renewal at the end of the term. During this time I have realized two things – 1. I can’t afford their services and want to find a more cost-effective way to get the work done, and 2. I have done a terrible job of identifying, clarifying and communicating expectations for their scope of work. I have been feeling extremely resentful and angry towards them (totally my doing) when they have taken initiative in areas that I don’t feel are within the scope of their work (not copying me on emails, speaking about and representing the business in ways I don’t feel comfortable with yet). I know this is all part of the learning process of becoming an entrepreneur, but I feel a lot of shame and embarrassment. I am not going to renew their contract and in the process I want to learn all I can to avoid repeating this mistake. I am afraid of what their reaction will be (disappointment as they have become very invested in working here, anger/retaliation in the form of speaking ill of me within our community, etc.) I feel overwhelmed by all my conflicting and powerful emotions (fear, shame, resentment, etc) and would love coaching on navigating forward. Thank you!