Not responding after intake call…even when they said YES! (2)

Thank you coaches, your soft approach helped me slow it down and feel…
You asked me to complete this model to understand what’s happening for me, here goes:

C: Send “thanks for setting up a call with me” email
T: You have to do this
F: Fear
A: Stay scared, believe false thoughts
R: Stay small, sad and punishing

What would love do next?

Love would follow up, show up, allow this emotion (feel the fear and do it anyway), encourage and love myself because I got this! Pep talk, my own cheerleader and then send the emails. Let go of over-thinking – write one follow up generic I can copy/paste and sprinkle personal tidbits for each. Love would have me trust these people need me and want my service and I have all the time and energy to show up for myself and others.

C Send “thanks for setting up a call with me” email
T I want to do this
F held
A send the emails or 1, then another, break into bite sizes
R write 1 email to the person who wants my coaching service