Not responding after intake call…even when they said YES!

Hello, I’ve been procrastinating, buffering, sabotaging my coaching business and feel distracted, annoyed and sad. Hard on self, thinking it is because I skipped the thought download, didn’t finish Monday Hour, tripped over New Thoughts course, fill in the blank “suppose to have perfected something” and now over-thinking/buffering self into no action.

My courses are going great- I have 2 ongoing with 3 clients i’m invested in. The next course is Oct-Dec and I’m taking deposits – or I would be if I followed up with three maybe’s, one yes, and one not now. All people interested! I’m daily planning to write a simple copy/paste “thanks for setting up a call with me” and now I’m in a foggy paralysis exhaustion from sending out a zillion emails yesterday: newsletter, networking event people, sales to other events I’m doing = hustle. I know I need self-care, feel the burnout tug and getting mad.

Plus I’m hammering myself to “get the niche” on how I help burnt out people who are seeking X find their passion Y and rise in their X. I don’t know and keep trying to solve something my brain is looking to fix.

C trainer cancelled
T now what
F my day is scrambled
A ruminate (and see above)
R paralysis

C trainer cancelled
T is that yoga calling?
F frustrated, rebellious, tired, hungry, mad
A spin, try to fix, ponder, ask for help, call people, shop
R feel thrown, can’t see what my future self would be doing, dodge all my errands, avoid emails and fixing my broken phone

C avoiding people that want my service
T these people need me
F frustrated, not sure how to self care
A looking for solution
R ho hum..