Circumstance: A woman I’ve known for 12 years scheduled time to do a consult with me about being her Business coach. She said she was definitely going to start “next” month. Well, the next month she didn’t so I reached out to her. She said she needed to start the “next” month. I reached out AGAIN and now she isn’t returning any of my emails.

Thoughts: I thought we were friends and I totally realize I have a manual that friends return each other phone calls they don’t “ghost” each other BUT I’m having a really hard time processing this

Feeling: confused

Actions: write ask a coach, started to overeat but interrupted pattern

What I’m NOT doing is going after OTHER clients
I want to process this
My challenge also is that we are in ministry together. We are both ministers. So her behavior is VERY disturbing given our values. We’ve served in ministry together and I guess that’s why this is especially hurtful.

HELP creating an intentional model where my R is to move on to create new clients.