Not taking action. Second guessing Everything.

I feel paralyzed and helpless. I dont know where to start.

Last year I made $94,860 with my online membership courses. My last launch was in September. It’s been almost a full year since I’ve made an offer. My first excuse was the holidays. In January, it was because a competitor launched something very similar to my model. Then I hired a project manager. At the end of February, I realized she wasn’t the answer and let her go. Then Covid hit. In March I revised my whole offering to try a new line. It worked but I didn’t enjoy it as much as what I was doing before. My hard drive fried and it took 6 months to get a new computer (I don’t live in the US, and there was a problem with shipping + customs). I kept my business on maintenance with just an ipad and an iphone. I went back to my original offer. I built a new launch. Then George Floyd was killed and it felt insensitive and wrong to launch in the middle of that. It’s August. My audience is asking when I will launch again yet I still havent. I’m no where near last years revenue and there’s no real reason why I shouldn’t be killing it.

Not one single circumstance should have prevented me from launching for as long as I have stalled. I know it’s all in my head. I’m embarrassed as I write this. It’s ridiculous. I start doing well and then burn everything to the ground.

My launch is almost ready. I know the next action I need to take, and the next and the next so that I launch within the next 10 days. But I am afraid I’ll just burn it down again.

I want to clean my mind up – obviously that is the real issue but where do I even start to fix this?