Not Taking Action

I am finding that I seem to avoid taking action on my coaching business. I’ve done a lot of work around healing fears & anxieties. Then I moved on to time management & Monday Hour 1. What I find is that no matter how small or big my action steps are, I end up almost avoiding them. It’s definitely not always intentional.

For example, let’s say I have 2 result goals this week:
1. Post 5 times on social media
2. Write the outline of my coaching program

And let’s say I put that into my schedule of MHO.

It seems like no matter what I do, those tasks don’t get done. I do have 3 other jobs that will often spill over in the time frame. I might have an emergency at work or something else will come up. I might unintentionally skip the time by doing something else and realize what I’ve done later.

I finish my week and my business action items haven’t been worked on.

It has now become a pattern that I’ve had a hard time shifting.

How can I shift this pattern?