Now & Then Quality of Work

When I followed Dan Kennedy, marketing guru, one thing he used to say is that his first products were so ugly, whenever he’d find one for sale – or someone would bring him one to sign at an event – he’d immediately try to buy it to destroy it. His point was that even “back in the day” (when he was new) – he just got started. But what my brain took from that is that “Your old stuff will suck so bad, you’ll want to destroy it – as you get better and smarter.”

SO — My question: How do you start NOW … knowing that your experience, knowledge, even belief systems… may change over time? So much of our content EASILY lives forever – in YouTube, iTunes Podcast, etc. – that someone finding us 5, 10, even 20 years later can find our oldest work that we may not even agree with anymore. Or we may feel NOW is wrong.

What are your thoughts on creating content now – and trying to help people now – knowing that you may have a completely different understanding of the material over time? I guess it’s the idea of “Doing the best you can do now – and then doing better when you know better”. But in my head, I’m thinking… “I don’t want to give anyone information that isn’t perfectly accurate” (which doesn’t feel motivating – since I also hold the belief that it’s probably not possible … with a human mind … to know what is or isn’t ‘perfectly accurate’). Maybe a better thought is… “I’ll put out my best understanding now – with a focus on helping people. And when I learn more, I’ll share what I learn.”

I think I just have a fear of putting “wrong” information into a YouTube video or podcast…