Numb, Belief Triangle Part 2

Great response. Here are the revised Models.

C – belief triangle
T – You suck
F – fear
A – no action
R  – no result

The other model
C – no action
T – I feel emotionally flat
F – Weary
A – none or forced
R – nothing substantial

and another

C – Goal
T – I am mad that I am not taking action
F – Collapse, helpless
A – Nothing
R – Nothing

Intentional Model

C – $30 K per month in each of A, M, J
T – I am in the right place that I need to be right now.
F – clear – body feels connected
A – deliberate conscious action – complete Youtube optimization steps, set up podcast, email list about new podcast, channel, and new online course announced
R – $30 K per month

Thanks again for your help. I am amazed by this process.