Numb.. Belief Triangle

So the feeling I am having is numb legs. Like emotional numbness, not physical.
Along with this, I am pondering a great coaching call I had about belief triangle and belief in self, belief in client and belief in product.
(this sounds like a business question and it isn’t)
I realized I lacking belief in my client. and maybe a little in myself.

There maybe more than one model here.

C- legs.
T – I feel emotionally flat.
F – legs are numb
A – I really want to take some sort of action but I am not sure how to take a step
R – disappointed in myself

Which leads me to the belief triangle.
C- belief triangle.
T – I have so little belief in m clients
F – I am shocked
A – Shock. Buffer.
R – No change.

If I explore the IM I find myself in this place.

I want to feel excited about what I offer ….
And I don’t want to feel the need to be validated by my clients or business.

So with that F line.

C – belief triangle
T – I play the role I am meant to be playing
F – excited about what I offer and I am present in my legs
A- I take grounded, deliberate action
R- I feel desire again for my goals and outcomes.

Thanks for feedback.