NYN WS/who is paying/lighting me up-KED

I’m working on figuring out what business idea I will go all in on, and have been working through the Narrowing Your Niche worksheet to help me with this. The ideas I have been able to get very specific on to through the worksheet, involve customers who currently work in businesses other than their own. The problems I would be providing them a solution to, are problems they would be experiencing at work. This would likely involve selling to businesses, rather than individuals (although many potential customers may have purchasing authority themselves.) So my niche includes employees who work in a business, but most often would not be the ones actually paying for the product. I have two concerns with this: 1. I do not enjoy the idea of trying to sell to businesses. It seems cold and impersonal. Also, I think about my experience as an employee of businesses other than my own asking for permission to purchase products/services, and the frustrating process trying to get permission. I have no desire to be a salesperson to a business. 2. These business ideas also do not light me up. I know I would be able to provide major value, but I wish I could provide value in a little more personal way than helping with an issue at work.

I know I have some major thought work to do on this. Can you help point me in the right direction?