OD Niche w/ too much shame?

I’m in LCS training and love all the skills we are learning. Thanks so much m for the opportunity to write in here. I’ve recently realized what I want my niche to be: moms/a certain very specific profession who struggle with overdrinking and burnout.

Because of the shame, stigma and career repercussions that come with openly seeking help with overdrinking, I think that the privacy and confidentiality of coaching will be something my ICA will pay for.

With desire for privacy re OD, as Katrina recently mentioned on her q&a call, clients may be challenging to identify bc they aren’t raising their hand openly. In my niche, their career could be permanently compromised if there was even a whisper of OD or seeking “help”. I know I will figure out how to find them, I’m mainly curious if Brooke ran into these challenges for the OD program…? Is there anything besides self coaching on my T that this could be a tricky niche to attract that you would offer here? Do I test what ICA might google when looking for OD help? This ICA doesn’t congregate in an overdrinking FB group- but perhaps they are quietly present in fb mom/profession groups and I can be a subtle presence there. I like the advice of testing, trying to find 10 paying customers and if that works, conclude it’s a feasible niche. Anything else pertinent to finding my people when my niche may be timid? Thank you x 1000!!