Offer Approved

I am a marriage specialist and have thought about making little individual videos for my past clients, to let them know that I am still working, that I am here (online and/or in person), and that if they needed help handling their anxiety during this time – as it relates to their own person or their marriage – that they can reach out to me, without having to sign up for the whole 6 month program (like they used to do when they worked with me in the past). I would tell them I have opened up my calendar and have availability and it can just be scheduling one session at a time sort of basis.
I would ask them at the end:
Would you like my help handling the added stress and anxiety? If so, schedule a session with me here. (and then link the scheduling button right there)

If I send one hundred of those, do they count as offers? So if they don’t respond to me (having had previous relationship with me for a minimum of 6 months), those are NOs, right??