offer drama + niche question

I’m a career coach. I believe the biggest problem my audience has is finding a job easily, quickly and without the drama.

I’m having drama around making my offer irresistible. I question if it would be more powerful to market “get a job in less than XX days” versus “get a job fast”. In my mind, irresistible would be less than 30 days. But that makes me feel a little queasy! I know it’s possible because I’ve done it. I don’t have many clients yet, but they are getting jobs in 45 to 90 days (one took longer because she was in the restaurant industry and everything was closed due to COVID). I feel I can use my clients’ results with integrity in my marketing but it feels safe vs. irresistible.

I think the thought preventing me from the irresistible offer is that I’m making myself responsible for my clients’ results. Logically I know not everyone loses 8 pounds in a month, doubles their business in 3 months, or “Unleashes the Power Within”. Yet, because it’s possible, it’s the offer. What thoughts do you recommend for releasing myself from feeling responsible for client results?

The other thing I’m struggling with is my niche and their ability to pay. My content has been focused on job seekers. However, I’ve found people who were furloughed or released permanently have a lot of money scarcity; the money objection is #1 on my consults. So, applying Brooke’s coaching on making an offer to people who can pay for it, would it make more sense for my offer to target job transitions – people who are working but want more, i.e. a promotion, career pivot, etc.?

Lastly, one client came from a recruiter referral and I’ve had another recruiter tell me “we are your target audience” because they often have candidates who are disillusioned, caught up in job search drama, and could use the support of a coach. Would it be too much to pursue recruiters as a niche (for referrals) at the same time as job seekers?

Thank you!