Offer for parents seeking Montessori / great school for children

I would like to get some support with my offer. I am a Head of School of a Montessori and our value, our work, our team is second to none. I am not making enough offers and need support.
How should I go about making better offers online so people come for a tour. 75% of people who come for a tour and can afford us join the program but we don’t have many people coming in.
Based on the videos and lessons here are a few Offers I have in mind and would like feedback.
– Do you want your child to be in a Happy, Safe and Nurturing school ? (Infant, Toddler group)
– Do you want to ensure your child is Academically advanced from their peers and loves learning? (3-6 year old)
– Do you want your child to learn life skills and be a leader? (6-12 Elementary Campers)

I am now shifting my marketing from general offer to very specific and need guidance.