Offer Mind Drama

I’ve been a coach (with a huge niche change now) for 7 years. I added on life coaching to my programs in 2018.

Now I’m solely a life coach and started a completely new business, sold my 6-figure business to create something I’m truly passionate and in love with, my life coaching business!

My mind drama is around my offer.

I’ve been told as a coach starting a new business I should be only doing 1:1 until I hit 100k.

I want to listen to that because I want to listen to the people who have done this specifically and go from there.

But then my brain is like well I’ve already went past the 100k mark, multiple times, and I love hosting group coaching more than anything. In my last business I did both (group and private) for 6 years. I have over 7,000 hours of coaching people under my belt just not in “this” business.

I would much rather do a hybrid of the two. Have 1:1 coaching but limited time so instead of an hour a week it would be 20-30 mins a week and a group class every week or every other week as well.

But then my brain is like okay but you should only be doing 1:1.

So I’ve been attempting to stick with the 1:1 and I don’t love it so I’m not offering it to anyone. I don’t promote it, I just kind of say yeah if you want it it’s here. Like after a FB live or after a social media post.

I’d love to just offer my hybrid class.

Then my brain (again) is like well there is no wrong answer so I should just do the hybrid offer.

I’m usually good at choosing an offer and then just going with it. For some reason whether it’s fear nobody will sign up or like it, I’m not taking action that’s moving my business forward.

Even if nobody did sign up the first time I could tweak and keep going and keep making it better. With the 1:1 I’m like I don’t know what more value to add it’s like topped off. I feel as if I made it as valuable as I could and my client (one client, that’s the number of clients I’ve had 1:1 she found me on Instagram) that I have absolutely loves it and loves my coaching. She has gotten great results and I’m so proud of her and myself. I just do not offer my 1:1 because *i* don’t love it.

I want to be able to offer something I’m in love with and feel confident with.