Offering Refunds for Weight Loss?

Hi! On today’s alumni call (9/22/21) Brooke suggested offering a money back guarantee if you don’t lose x amount lbs in the program, or even your money back if you gain the weight back within a year. I get that would sound like a compelling offer, but I also remember Brooke saying for weight loss to make it expensive and say no refunds so clients are more committed to show up and DO the work. She said when her clients would tell her “it’s not working”, she’d say “the program works, you’re not working the program!”

My niche is in this alley…I help women who struggle with emotional eating and sugar/carb addiction set themselves free (whether they need to lose weight or not). I don’t see how I could guarantee they’ll be completely free of their emotional eating and addiction after 12 weeks when it depends so much on THEM. With Brooke’s help, I’ve worked very hard to overcome my emotional eating and sugar addiction for 2 years, but it’s a journey I’m still on! Even though I now COACH this and know what to do, and am SO much stronger and farther than I’ve ever been, I still have desires and triggers and sometimes give in. I know how to get back on track, but if I were a client, would this mean the program failed and I should get my money back? I guess I’m trying to figure out a compelling offer that’s also realistic and puts the accountability on what the client is willing to do. I know I’ll show up and teach/coach my heart out, but I don’t know how strong their dependency is and how long it will take to 100% change it in their brain. I assume every person is going to be different. Any insights or guidance is so appreciated! Thank you!