Offering the "right" people

Brooke talks a lot about making offers to the right people and offering people who have money.

I’m a money mindset coach, I have 3 clients and two consults next week.

I notice a lot of their objections are money-related because every consult I’ve done they don’t have any savings and have debt, etc. and already feel bad about their money.

Ideally, I want to talk to the women who are making 70-80k minimum and still feeling like nothings less. The 3 clients I have now are making amazing progress even though they all only make around 3-3500 per month and are paying me 600.

My question is am I talking to the right people?

How can I shift to speak to higher earners – do I say that specifically?

I also know that obviously, people will still pay me with lower income – maybe I am thinking its easier and better results with higher income.