OFFERINGS: Selling a year of coaching to current students?

Two of my (very first!) students did an 8-week course for $1,400, then 6 months for $900. Their last session is this weekend and I’d like to offer them a year course, one hour a month (or more?) but I’m not clear on what I am offering and for how much based on what? My coach who I paid 3k for 3 months total of 6 sessions said it is not an hourly rate to guess (that is how I previously sold my time) and it is about the value I offer. We came up with $900 based on offering a discount, now it seems logical to offer a year for $1800. What is my value?

It is so exciting for me to offer coaching in my niche, see the lightbulbs go off when I am changing lives- I get the impact and my value, I’m committed, dedicated and love showing up for my students…just am not clear on what their needs are now that time has passes and we are coaching long term, with weeks apart. Please, I know your reply can be easily whatever I decide it can be, what am I offering etc. I just really am not sure because my energy is pulled to “sell the next 8-week course” like a hamster wheel. The concept of less students at higher rates is more suitable for me than the chase AND the people that want to work with me find me, I trust this.

What I feel I’m not trusting is my delivering the goods as my client’s needs grow. The energy I have being pulled in trainings, seminars, partnerships, and any other excuse/buffering pops up to sabotage. Please help, I really want to keep working with these two and I trust I have value, just unsure what to offer and how much to charge etc.