Old Thinking

So I officially started the launching process for my product yesterday. I sent out the first email to kind of get people a little curious, and got 50 sign ups to my early bird list.

At first I was super happy, but then I remembered that I have set a goal to sell 400, and I suddenly felt really sad. I know that on average, only 10% of your early bird list converts to a sale, which would mean that I would have to build a list of 4000 people on my list! Logically, I know I have a whole funnel process that is going to happen and a lot more emails which will turn up the heat.  I have 3 weeks of content to be doing and this was just the first email. But an old thought keeps coming up is, “You only have 50 people. Your goal will never happen.” This causes me to feel discouraged. I then buffer and waste time on social media etc.

I am trying on the new thought, “I ALREADY have 50 people after 1 day, keep going,” and, “This is just the start, you’re almost there”. I do believe those thoughts, but my old thought is still lingering and sometimes shows up. What can I do when this old thought shows up?  I know it won’t just go away because I spent a long time believing it. I’m trying my best to nurture these new thoughts, but still struggle when old thinking comes up

Please help! 🙂