..on the topic of results…

Something I question myself on – if this piece of content is getting anyone results?
It also shows up in the way I share things with my audience. I will just touch on the surface even though I feel going deep will actually help them. I also spend energy on thinking about topics and not giving them away. What will I have left to give the paid clients then? They will be disappointed. I feel like what I share is always insightful and shifts how my audience has been approaching a topic or issue or question. But I second guess if I should go deep. I mean I can go deep in a topic and create a masterclass too. So how do I determine and create clarity around this idea of giving results ahead of time?

I am not getting as many consults as I’d like so I am assuming I am not giving enough valuable content.

How do I really reconcile in my brain that what I am sharing does get people results and also how do I break out of scarcity?