Online Business Side Hustle + Book Editor Recommendation

Hello business coaches!

I’d like to ask for comments about my online content creation business model.

I am currently in a full-time job that does not allow for me to conduct business in the contract so this is all done in stealth mode (I don’t believe in job security anymore, which prompted me to experiment with starting a side hustle). The business I am doing is completely different from my f/t job so I don’t think there will be a conflict of interest. Nonetheless, I started a calligraphy and lettering business in a local e-commerce site last year, but found that dealing with physical products and responding to clients during work hours to be challenging, given that I also have a f/t job.

So I have pivoted to teaching calligraphy online and have only just published a class on Skillshare, but have many other classes already filmed waiting to be published. I take this as a learning process, and I think the upfront work for content creation fits better with my overall schedule. I was thinking that since I already have scripts to my classes, and I have pictures of my calligraphy work, that I should also create a book on Amazon that is a digital/ printed copy of my Skillshare classes.

I also have no website and, no social media presence yet. I thought I should start with what I want to offer (my classes) and create it first before doing the marketing for it. I know there is no right or wrong answer in side hustling and to try to see what works. I am inspired by how Brooke puts up her books on Amazon which details her model so well. I was wondering if
i) how I am going about starting an online content business is misguided or to just try and see what works?
ii) I am not a native English speaker and I know my prose leaves much to be desired, might the coaches here know of an editor to recommend to edit my calligraphy instructional book to enhance my brand as a calligrapher, with the book being a marketing tool? It is currently at 4000 words and is graphic-heavy. I have looked up Reedsy and Fiverr but have not found a craft book editor per se.

Thank you.