Online course pacing

I teach an online course in the field of ceramics. The course is suitable for both beginner and experienced potters as I teach a skill that most people haven’t learned before.
My course is “dripped” where they don’t get the content all at once, they get the recorded modules on a schedule and I do a live zoom Q&A meeting every week for 4 weeks. I’ve launched the course 4 times now and about to do a 5th launch. At the end of the course I offer a course evaluation requesting feedback. I keep getting feedback that it’s too slow AND it’s too fast. It’s about 50/50 each way. I can’t decide whether to slow it down or speed it up or leave it. I’ll never be able to please everyone, and I spend a lot of time trying.
Maybe since the feedback is 50/50 it’s perfect? I kind of think it’s more important to cater to the beginners than the experienced people who may just be impatient. My ideal customer isn’t a complete beginner, but they don’t want to rush through the course either. They want to take their time and do their homework. But comments like “I feel like I’m being spoon-fed” make me take notice. Any advice on how to decide? I think I’m closer to deciding, just writing this out but maybe I’m just afraid to commit to something that may result in negative feedback.