Online Launch Manager – need help with pricing / mindset

Hi! I’m an online course & membership launch manager and I’m having trouble figuring out how to bust through an income ceiling…

Right now I work with multi-6- and 7-figure conscious businesses to carry-out a full online course or membership launch (I write and setup the fb ads, build out all the funnels, write the sales page copy, email marketing, and all the things).

It’s a really intensive process (that I deeply love) & I’ve been playing around with different pricing options for clients and would LOVE some advice.

I’m having a hard time separating my value from my hours. I can only actively work on launches about 25-30 very focused hours per week, which could be 2-3 clients who are in pre-launch, or 1-2 clients in their live launch month. My mind is limiting into thinking – okay, then at $100 an hour it’s limiting me to making $12,000/month at a cap, and only if my roster is fully booked non-stop.

I see potential solutions as a) giving myself permission to make more than $100/hour, b) separate my value from my hours and connect it to the results I’m producing, or c) starting more of an agency instead of a 1-woman show so that I can serve more clients at a time…

Would love your advice!