ONLINE TRAINING 16 hours recorded can turn into a membership site?

Hello, I’m offering a course with speakers I pay $100 per hour of content. The training is $400 per person. If an outside group wants to purchase these videos of training which will be a live group and Q&A (not just speakers of content) how much would be a fair price to charge a business for their group? Trainings were “in person” and the rate was per person but if I sell the content to groups I will not earn revenue per person, a dilemma.

Then do I pay each speaker 15% back, is that fair?

Or, do I ask everyone to join a membership for all access and future videos/content I provide? Then I sell the manual separately?

Where do I learn the best business information, how to set this up on my website for passive income but really make sure I am creating an online community like many coaches are doing: book funnel, membership offers, eventually podcasts, etc.

I know this will take time but I received emails of customers wanting to purchase the training because they cannot attend and I’d love to have an answer for them that could monetize my business and help others with what I’m offering. I know this is a lot of questions and the training is this weekend…it would be great to have a “sign up here” option for something to retain students.

Last training I asked who wanted to work with me in a coaching setting and I was flooded with emails and launched my coaching business- which I love!