Only 1 offer or an offer pyramid?

I am curious to hear your opinion about my offer strategy.

Currently I have several offers (on purpose) that build a pyramid. I heard Brooke say we should have only 1 offer and become excellent at delivering that one. So now I’m wondering what you think of my strategy.

My niche:
German speaking women around 30-40, employed, high achievers but stuck in their career. They work a lot for their company but not deliberately on their career. They don’t get the opportunities and recognition they think they deserve. They find themselves frustrated, they lack perspective and motivation. The result they want and what I sell them is “find your dream job”. Then I tell them that their dream job lies within themselves, that they can create it. How they get there is by managing their minds around their abilities, possibilities and goals.

My offer strategy:
I offer a lot of free content: Each week a podcast, a blog, and a webinar on different topics. I also publish videos on youtube from time to time and of course mini sessions. Next I offer an inexpensive, low-threshold course to get them to know me and my way of teaching and coaching. When they like the results they get out of this, I upsell them to my signature course.

My offers:
1. Online course: How to negotiate your salary, 99.-
2. 4-weeks intensive course: Career Plan, 390.-
4. My signature course, 12 months: Future Leadership, 2’490.-

I have 2 questions:
– What do you think about this strategy? What would you recommend?
– I’m considering cutting the Future Leadership program from 12 to 6 months, so it’s easier to commit to. Also I think it’s too cheap for what I offer, so by cutting the time in half and leaving the price at the same level, I would actually double the price. As I found out it’s an affordable price for my audience.

But people are asking for a follow-up solution, even the ones that already went through the 12 months program. I have so much more to share, I’d love to offer an ongoing membership as well. That would mean adding another offer, that would make 4 paid offers.

If you ask me if it’s feasible for me to do, I’d say Yes!
If you ask my clients about the quality I deliver, they’d say – amazing! (I know that because I get a lot of referrals. Also upselling works very well.)
If you made me choose one and only one offer of all the above, I’d choose the ongoing membership site (that I don’t have yet – would mean changing it all).

But still, the low-cost courses are no problem for me. The videos are prerecorded and the coaching calls are fun.

Still, I wouldn’t recommend this strategy to anyone except myself.

Thanks for your feedback, it’s highly appreciated.