Optimist, pessimist or realist?

Hi Brooke,

I’m working on my failures. And doing well…

As a painter I’m going to galleries to show my work. Meaning; I ask to speak with the owner/the one in charge. I overcome my fear, anxiety, go there feeling brave and ‘ignore’ the cave-woman- thought in front of the (often) impressive facade: “I’d better run away and get a coffee somewhere warm and cosy”. I follow through and mostly speak with the one I wanted to, but the result is not an exhibition or possibility to sell my work. Until now the outcome is information on the art world/market (very interesting and useful) and often an open conversation. They confront me with the statistics of “the number of art galleries that already closed down, the one that barely survives… No artist they know of is able to live from their art, they all have other income…” and so on. They tell me that I better consider something else, that I’m not realistic, that I might have a chance when I had won art prices.
Besides the galleries I’ve been talking with professional artists with years of experience, the ones that I thought of were able to sell their art. But they told me more or less the same story. They’re worrying about their pension (the one’s in their 60’s), some of them even told me they are often depressed in their studio…

So I learned to stay brave and go on although I didn’t succeed in what I wanted to achieve. I feel I’m able to do it again, still anxious, but a bit less(?) and anyway, I’ll do it.

I feel also thankful they shared their experience and vision with me, most meetings were great, although the outcome wasn’t what I ideally wanted.

But… I’m also looking for alternatives to sell my work, and came across Saatchiart.com, a platform for collectors and artists to buy and sell art. This road will bring other challenges.

My question; when is it time to refocus the way I want to sell my art? Theoretically I still might find a gallery that is interested. although here in Northern Spain the chances seem not so big.

Am I a realist? Am I a pessimist? Do I have to be more patient?

Thank you for any feedback.