Order of things to work on to focus on taking massive action.

After a year of launching my supply chain consulting business, I have learnt so much, but have not created enough value and made enough offers to make a sustainable income from the business (yet). I’ve come to realise that there were some models that have created this result, Eg. “When I sign a client then I will provide value for them.” Which makes it harder to sign new clients because I have not provided/demonstrated enough value already.

I am working on building my audience and mailing list through content, Linkedin and opt ins. I am planning to return to paid employment while I do this.

In the business coaching session, the coach was just talking about focusing on one thing at a time and taking massive action on it. I’ve been allowing myself to have some overwhelm around my mailing list. Does this sound like a good order of things to work on?

1st – Do a 12 month topic calendar for blogs and content, with 5 keywords per month. (My liked reason: I want to provide real content on pain points, not just boring text book chapter style topics. This is about creating value in advance!).

2nd – Create weekly content and blogs, posted to pinterest and linkedin and facebook. (My liked reason: I want to practice being brave and putting my content out there).

3rd – Make switch from mailchimp to convertkid. (My liked reason: I’m ready to LOVE convertkit, and use this distribute my excellent content. I was not able to think about loving mailchimp and would like to start fresh – BUT – have the content ready to go first, so it’s not just a mask for not having anything to write).

4th – Trip wire (small paid product) created and built. This would be a step in the funnel.

5th – Weekly email using convertkit.

How does this plan look? Can you suggest something I can try to create some powerful models around this? Thanks!