Organizing My Offers

My business made 1 Million Dollars in revenue in 2019 and it made 1.1 Million in 2020.
My goal is to make 30 Million in revenue by 2026 and 3 Million Dollars this year.I sell weekly plant based meals that help people save money on groceries, take the guesswork out of dinner, feel energized and healthy, all while having multiple “mouthgasms” per week.  Our subscribers pay $18 – $25 a month (depending on the subscription option they choose) for a new meal plan every Friday.

We don’t currently advertise and have grown our business through word of mouth, our blog, my Saturday emails, and our private FB group.
We have our product down, we have our audience down, now I just need to make a shit ton of offers.

I want to create a few different offers and blast FB ads now that we set up our yearly and quarterly goals (Thank you Scholars and the Entrepreneurial Management course!).
I have lots of ideas for my offers, but I need help refining them and herding the cats in my head to make sense of them and figure out the sequence so I can create all of the content (copy for ads, actual offer, webinar copy, follow up emails, email funnel, etc..).

My question is this:
Do you know any coaches who can help with this or do I just need to hire a FB ads person who can also help organize all my various ideas into something that makes sense so I can then write awesome copy without feeling like an actual game of ping pong.