Over delivering

Hey Brooke,

I’m a Dietitian and contracted with the YMCA in my community. When I signed up with them a year ago they asked me my hourly rate which I told them was $45.00/hr but they said with their budget they could only do $33.00/hr. At the time I was new starting out with my business and agreed to this amount with the thought this will be good practice, get my name in the community.

They want to keep the consults affordable to their members so a 45min consult with me is $45.00, I get paid the $33.00 for that but if I’m creating a plan for someone it’s another hour or so and I getting stuck with your process of over delivering and wondering if I’m interpreting it correctly. I have 2 conflicting thoughts but both are unintentional models I think.

Unintentional model #1
C: YMCA 45min nutrition consult $45.00
T: I’m not getting paid enough to create a nutrition plan on top of the consult
F: Scarcity
A: spin resentful thoughts
R: feel undervalued

Unintentional Thought #2
C: YMCA 45min nutrition consult $45.00
T: I should over deliver and just give them a plan with the consult
F: Scarcity, taken advantage
A: Create a plan while feeling resentful
R: under deliver

My normal rate for my own 6 week nutrition package is 150.00 and includes a 90min consult, personalized guide, email support.

More thoughts because do they ever end?

C: Nutr consult at YMCA $45.00 fo 45min
T: Members are going to expect an individualized meal plan with their consult, they don’t want to pay $45.00 just to talk to me
F: trapped, resentful
A: spin thoughts mostly
R: remain confused about what members want.

I know it’s 100% my choice to continue offering my services in the first place. I can say $150.00 is my price for a meal guide and if they say no we won’t charge that we part ways. But think I need to clean up my thoughts about over delivering and more clarity all the ways that can look? If I do accept the consults at $33.00/hr is it a place of scarcity to say but I won’t create an individualized plan unless I’m compensated for that additional time (I prefer charging for the value not my time but this is their model).

Have a wonderful Christmas!!