Over-explaining things to my clients

I don’t think I’m totally clear on my model, specifically what result I’m creating.

C: Coaching call with client; went 45 minutes over the scheduled time
T: I need to keep explaining because she’s just not getting it.
F: Frustrated

A: Keep explaining a topic and concepts around the topic
A: Continue explaining and coaching her even though the time we had scheduled is over
A: Judge her for not getting it yet
A: Not closing/ending the call at the time we had pre-decided and just leaving it with “Ok well this is as far as we got and there’s still more work to do on this, see you next week, here’s your homework, etc”
A: Beating the client up for not having a “click” or a “shift” moment in the things I’m teaching her

R: I attempt to take responsibility for whether or not she understands a concept.
R: I over-compensate for my perception that she’s not getting it.
R: I coach in a way I am not excited about or proud of.

This stems from a belief that “I’m not a good coach.” “I’m stupid and don’t know what I’m doing.” and my clients are “stupid”

I have a lot of judgment for my thought of my clients are stupid but that’s just where I’m at and I feel really bad about it. (C: model about my clients are stupid T: I am a terrible person for thinking that about my clients. F: shame. A: over-compensate by over-explaining to them. R: I don’t show up as a compassionate and loving coach.)

Please help. Thanks Coaches.