Overcoming Money Objection for IVF clients

I am an IVF coach, and I find myself getting very nervous around the money objection. I’ve had 4 consults over the last couple of months, and money is something they all bring up. One person said, “why would I spend money on this when I have to spend so much to get pregnant?” I very confidently responded, “because this is not just about getting a baby, it’s about the rest of your life. The work that we do will continue to carry on.” She responded well to it but ultimately decided not to sign because of the cost.

I do believe that the work I do is bigger than just the IVF journey; that my clients will have lifelong benefits from working together.
Because this comes up so much in the IVF space, the cost of treatments, I really want to figure out how to confidently and effectively overcome this objection.