Overcoming money objections

I am a coach for single Christian professional women. I help them find and attract a husband.

I am having trouble during my consult calls knowing how to overcome money objections.

I know they are invested in my offer. I know I’m touching their pain points. A lot of them start crying during our consult call as they tell me about the loneliness and desire to start their own family. But they still balk at the price even when I remind them of the tears.

They aren’t ready to pay my coaching prices even though it’s pretty common prices. $3k/6 months 1:1 coaching.

Is there any other way I can coach them when they aren’t sure they should spend the money for my program? As I said I remind them of their tears and the desired result -a husband and kids. And I give them time to think about it if they ask. I ask if money wasn’t an issue would they want this. But I can’t think of how else to coach them to a yes.

I’m a new coach just starting out. I know one day people will come to me already a yes.