Overlapping offerings great or too much?

Hi Brooke.

I’m new to SCS as of August.
I am a multimedia journalist who covers health care policy, specializing in topics related to maternal mental health, children and health disparities. I work in photography, radio and writing. I am also a childbirth photographer.

I want to focus more on childbirth photography and family documentary (photography, video and audio) for private clients. This is where I think I could offer value on a personal level to women and their families and also make money.

I’m also hoping to write a book on mothering without a mother. And I have a podcast idea and several children’s book ideas.

So my question for you is how to focus my branding and website with these overlapping (birth, mothers, babies), but distinct offerings? Right now, my website is clearly the site of a journalist. And while it features childbirth photography galleries on it, I have never gotten a client inquiry through my site.

Do I really need to choose only one thing to pitch/sell/brand? Journalism OR childbirth documentary OR book writing OR podcasting? Or is there a way to offer value and make money doing all of the above? Narrowing my niche worksheet seems to be overlapping, but separate for each of these.

Thanks in advance for your help!!

C: Focusing brand
T: I have a lot to offer around pregnancy, childbirth and families and can offer it in multiple media forms. I don’t want to choose.
F: Stuck
A: Keep website the same
R: Leave money on the table